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"KLU LOGISTICS INNOVATORS DAY” (former KLU Startup Day) on February 4th/5th 2021

Topic: “Crises or Catalyst?” To what effect has Covid 19 impacted the international innovators scene in the logistics sector and how were outstanding young logistics innovators from Africa, Europe and Asia able to sail through this crisis?

Selected startups from three different continents are ready to share their business model and survival strategy through COVID 19. Please find the program here!

In this international setting about 500 participants from all parts of the world - including students, alumni, researchers and companies - are expected to attend this virtual event.

After moderated Zoom webinars there will be Q&As followed by interactive company sessions. An accompanying open space via enables networking plus individual and group discussions. For KLU students and alumni career services will offer individual slots with selected companies.

Registration will start in January. Don’t miss to register for free!

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