In keeping a lively celebratory spirit, we would like to request a "toast” video message to celebrate our KLU reunion virtually!

We would like to hear from graduates and alumni from all classes. Professors and KLU staff members are encouraged to send a toast video too! If you would like to submit a photo or a short video for a special reunion screening, please find below some guidelines and tips for recording your video.

You may wish to consider the following tips for creating your special reunion toast:
- This can either be a video or a photo (please specify your name and graduating class)
- Cheers”… this can be in your own language
- This could be just one sentence, e.g. "Toast to class of XXXX!” or a short speech
- Timing: please limit your toast to 30 seconds
- Feel free to use props – glasses, hats, sparklers, signs, flags etc.
- Beverages are optional – if you wish to cheers with champagne, or not, your beverage is up to you!
- Inform Holly that you want to participate (, and she will provide you with the upload details.
- Please allow us to share your toast also within our KLU social media network! When forwarding your picture or video on to us, please state if you allow us to post your thanks after the event within the KLU network. It’s be great, if you could include the hashtags #KLUgratitude, #KLUHomecoming2020 , #myKLU.

Have a look at Holly's example: Holly's Toast Video

We are so much looking forward to creating and celebrating this toast video together with you!

Holly Hillen (KLU Alumni Relations) and Ceyda Zaim (KLU Alumni)

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