KLU’s Alumni Relations, KLU’s Alumni Association’s Board, and a larger number of engaged alumni developed the agenda.

The homecoming attempts to be a combination of
• sharing KLU’s expertise,
• networking and fostering KLU’s community spirit in spite of being online,
• as well as integrating our international community by not being focused on Hamburg, and Hamburg alone!

We will be reaching out to alumni, staff and faculty to include you in a variety of exciting projects!
• There will be faculty expert sessions along the line of the Q&As we had in April.
• A video is planned featuring all of us (or those who would like to participate) ;o)
• We want to found a tradition showing gratitude to especially engaged community members.
• All of us still want to meet! We plan to meet decentralized, around the world in small group settings.

We don’t only want to invite you to some of the sessions.
We will also need your help. Thus, we want you! You will hear from us during the next months to come.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KLU side of the orga group:
Anne, Sabine, and Holly.

This is just for all to be aware. We are still in the very early orga stages.
If you want to help, or have any comments, please contact us at alumni@the-klu.org.

Below, please find the PPP including more details regarding our plans:
KLU Virtual Homecoming 2020 PPP

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