Do you know the relation between Happiness and Gratitude?

Being thankful enables happiness, motivates others to be supportive and therefore creates again gratitude and even more happiness.
For that reason we would like to start a new tradition called "KLU Gratitude" enabling a network of gratitude between people with a KLU background.

The idea of KLU Gratitude:
We give you a platform at the homecoming event to say "thank you" to someone within the KLU network. The reason for beeing thankful can be everything as long as it made you somehow happy (e.g. a great post on LinkedIn leading to a new idea, someone helped you with a new job or gave you a good advice, etc.)

How exactly can you say thank-you/ How to participate:
1. Create a picture (example attached) or a PPT- slide on which you say "thank you" to a specific person. The minimum information needed are the name of the person to whom you want to say thanks and the reason why. If you use a PPT, which doesn’t feature your picture, don't forget to add your own name.

  1. Please send your picture or PPT-slide to or annerehmet on Instagram and indicate the full name of the person to whom you say "thank you".

Please take a look at Victoria's explanation on youtube.

  1. We will create a slide-show of all pictures and slides, and we will show all pictures during the Virtual KLUmni Homecoming event on Nov 7th. Moreover, we will upload it afterwards on the KLU-Alumni-portal (login only for KLU-Alumni) so that even if someone is not able to participate there is the chance to watch the show afterwards.

  2. Before the event, we will inform the person you designated that s/he will be honoured with gratitude within the homecoming event ensuring the person will see your picture or slide.

  3. Please allow us to share KLU Gratitude also within our KLU social media network! When forwarding your picture or slide on to us, please state if you allow us to post your thanks after the event within the KLU network. It’s be great, if you could include the hashtags #KLUgratitude, #KLUHomecoming2020 , #myKLU.

We are excited to start this new tradition within our network with you!

Anne Rehmet (KLU Alumni Relations) and Victoria Herzog (KLU Alumni)

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