Local Get-Together Organizer! Alumni volunteers wanted!

No matter where you are! Celebrate the KLUmni virtual homecoming 2020 for the first time not only in Hamburg but in small physical groups in your area! The purpose of our decentralized get-togethers as part of the virtual homecoming is to bring KLU alumni physically together in order to foster the KLU spirit and to simply enable you to celebrate.

The get-togethers are defined by geography. All get-togethers organized by local volunteers will be shown on a map. Interested alumni can visit the map to find one close by and get in touch with the organizer via the published LinkedIn / Xing Link.

We are looking for alumni volunteers around the globe who are willing to be a contact point to organize a KLU get-together in their neighborhood!

• We do NOT necessarily expect you to ** meet at your home! **Every public location is fine as long as you meet the corona regulations! Share your ideas with us!
• Volunteers who want to be a contact in their region are asked to complete and submit the information below.

So far we have these places and ideas:
• Hamburg – KLU alumni staff meeting, Interest to join a meeting in/around Kassel, Zurich, Brussels, Dublin, Latin-American get-together, Namibia

We greatly appreciate the support of our alumni and hope to encourage everyone to stay connected to our KLU-Alumni-Family!

Contact Information local volunteers:
First name*
Last name*
Course/ Graduation Year
Current Email*
Link to LinkedIn/Xing*
Where will the event take place? City* Country*
What kind of Get together is planned? E.g. at a bar, a picnic in a park etc.

For any questions, comments or concerns email alumni@the-klu.org.

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