As you know, KLU students are required to do an internship. It is an important building block to their careers. Despite the competence of our students, the Covid pandemic continues to make it unusually challenging to secure internships.

We think this is an opportunity for you. If you have a project you need done and which can be done online, consider proposing it as an online internship. A KLU student would complete it with impressive quality; and you would create goodwill from having helped in a time of need.

Please consider offering an online internship for KLU students

This is what we would need from you:
1. A project idea/ a question/ a problem a KLU student could tackle for you from home.
2. Your estimate of the workload involved in completing the project from home. As a guideline, we want KLU students to work 6 - 12 weeks, at ≥ 35 hours per week on average. We can be flexible, if you’re not sure about workload, propose anyway, and we’ll contact you, if needed.
3. The time window should be from middle May until end of August.
4. The topic should relate to management or logistics.
5. The student needs an internship supervisor from your side. That person would supervise the internship and issue a Zeugnis after the online internship is completed.
6. All details regarding the online internship would be discussed between the supervisor and the student. This includes remuneration, if any; start & end dates; language; etc.
7. Return the Internship Proposal Form, and we will convert the contents into an ad for KLU’s job board (here on KLU Compass).

Just take a few minutes to consider, whether you or someone in your company couldn’t come up with such an online internship idea.

Thank you for supporting our students!

Best regards,

Anne Rehmet, Sabine Mundt, and Geoffrey Tani
KLU’s Career Services & Alumni Relations

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