Among the top aims of the KLU Alumni Association’s board for 2019 is to improve its communication and outreach to alumni, as well as create more benefits for its members. Those were the main topics of the workshop that took place on the 8th of March. The board members enjoyed being back to campus and exchange ideas with each other, as well as with Alumni Relations’ Anne Rehmet and MBA program manager - Holly Hilen. The workshop resulted in the decision to strengthen the brand of the association by creating official social media channels in LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the board defined four type of events that they'd like to focus on for the next two years.

  • Socializing events - these types of events will give alumni the opportunity to meet not only in Hamburg, but in other cities as well. They could be anything from an after-work event to a festival visit. Anyone has the possibility to organize them and the association will sponsor with advertising.
  • Networking events - unlike the socializing events, where networking is absolutely encouraged, the networking events will usually have a special topic and aim.
  • Company visits - for these events alumni will be able to visit the workplace of a fellow alumni. This would offer a great opportunity for making strong industry contacts or just learn more about different companies.
  • Round tables - KLU alumni work in some of the quickest developing industries. Therefore, the association will work on organizing more industry-specific events where experience and ideas can be shared.

In addition to the workshop, the board had a dinner with KLU’s president - Prof. Thomas Strothotte. In addition to sharing their plan for further developing the association, the president and the board discussed some further ideas on how KLU can support the association’s activities.

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