First of all, thanks once more for the great alumni board's work during 2018-2019!
Thanks to their and several other alumni volunteers' efforts several projects, and events were successfully kicked-off in 2019. More about these can be read in the board's presentation here.

For private reasons Britta Langer and Katharina Matz had to resign from their positions after the first year of their two-year-long duty. Thank you very much, Britta and Katharina for your support!

Upon calling for applications for the vacant positions, the board was overwhelmed by the assemby members' great support. We would like to welcome the new board members (from left to right):

  • Ruben Gomez - President (MSc SCM 2017)
  • Sven Müller - Assessor (eMBA 2014)
  • Yigit Yürüker - Assessor (eMBA 2017)
  • Amanda del Valle - Assessor (MSc SCM 2017)
  • Yana Asenova - Treasurer (BSc MGT 2016 & MSc MGT 2018)
  • Nicolas la Rotta - Treasurer (MSc SCM 2017)
  • Daniela Salas - Vice President (MSc SCM 2018)

We will keep you posted about the great work of the new board!

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