BI Consulting & Entrepreneurship with Tim Fransson

Tim Fransson’s Business Intelligence consultancy, Primoris, is the product of his KLU experience and learning what truly helps people who work with data.

After graduating in 2017 from our Master of Science program in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Tim quickly joined a consultancy in his native Sweden and began restructuring supplier relations at a Swedish multinational. He got the attention of the client’s executives when, by their own estimate, they realized an annual savings of 1.2 mil Euro from solutions he had designed. The solutions did more than streamline data from 10k suppliers. They enabled managers to easily use the data themselves, without technical assistance. “Never leave a mediocre interface for the end user. This I learned from my Capstone project at KLU.”

The KLU Capstone also gave Tim ideas that eventually became a cornerstone of Primoris. “As I worked with operations data, I could see a gap between the business user and the technical developer. After KLU, I continued to see this gap in Swedish firms. Mission critical data is managed by data scientists, but the end users are, for example, the firm’s buyers. Buyers are not data scientists. I felt that I could add value in this space, and I had always wanted to run my own business.”

Primoris, started in 2020 and based in Gothenburg, specializes in serving this space so that clients can make data-driven decisions. “As Business Intelligence consultants, we apply our wholistic supply-chain knowledge and our datamining & programming skills to assure that the client’s data absolutely contributes to business development. This requires that we anticipate the competing demands – such as cost reduction vs. technical feasibility – and communicate with each functional area in ways it can understand. And, of course, deliver fast.”

The Primoris website lists several projects already completed for enterprise clients, ranging from supply-chain tracking & reporting solutions to visualizations of procurement performance. “To make solutions that support business development, we must quickly become more of an expert on the client’s data than the client itself. And we work with clients at every level on the data-maturity scale. For example, our SME clients appreciate that, if all their data is in Excel, we won’t push them toward a big ERP. We deliver something they can immediately adopt and then assist them as they develop their business intelligence systems at their own pace.”

For individuals, Primoris offers instructor-led courses on Excel, VBA, and PowerBI – all taught live and online, and in English. “Our 16-hour courses also cover essential concepts, such as database structure and algorithms, so you get a solid foundation. The exercises are realistic for business use. And our students appreciate the pacing. Even our basic-level courses cover content that you don’t get until the ‘advanced’ courses of our competitors.”

To KLU students interested in Business Intelligence, Tim’s advice is, “Trust the business concepts you are learning at KLU. Data tools are also important, so learn them – and our courses can really help you there – while remaining business-development focused.”

Get in touch with Tim and Primoris at:
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