Friday, November 10: (E)MBA Kick-off
The three-day event started on Friday evening when the EMBA & MBA Alumni get-together took place. At "Alte Liebe" the alumni had the chance to get to know each other a little better and find out who else is around.

Saturday, November 11: Homecoming & General Assembly
On Saturday, the day kicked off at 9.30 with a Welcoming and Networking get-together.
In the afternoon, three activities took place. The first was a workshop called “Starting a New Business: The Founder’s Perspective" by KLU's Dean of Programs Prof. Dr. Barrot who shared some insights into creating a start-up from a founder’s perspective.
The second was an exclusive visit to Hamburg’s beautiful Elbphilharmonie.
The third activity was a workshop called "Success-turbo Agile: mindset and methods" by Anna Chirkova (MSCMGT2015). In this interactive session, Anna shared some insights on what Agile is, why it’s necessary, how it be transformative, and much more.
In the afternoon, the General Assembly of the KLU Alumni Association took place. This part of the agenda was especially important to the board, as it is a "must-do" for all associations in Germany and the board shared information on the last year's activities, the current financial status, and the plans for the upcoming year. Most importantly, the new board was elected.

We are happy to welcome Katharina Matz (MScSCM2017 fast) as President, Ruben Gomez (MScSCM2017) as Vice President, Yana Asanova (MSCMGT_F2018) as Treasurer, and as Assessors Britta Langer (MScSCM2017) and Daniela Salas (MScSCM2017 fast).

In the evening, one of the most anticipated events over the entire weekend took place – the Homecoming Dinner & Party.

Sunday, November 12: EE Workshop
On Sunday morning, an EE Workshop took place hosted by KLU’s Dean of Research Prof. Dr. Jan Fransoo. The topic was Behavioral Operations: Human Decision Making in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

The board of the KLU Alumni Association would like to thank the KLU for its support, all the organizers and helping hands, the speakers, and contributors for making this event a great success.

A big thank you goes out to all the alumni who participated in the event and made it not only a success, but also an unforgettable experience. We hope that you enjoyed the event just as much as we did and many thanks for all of your input.

Please come back in 2019 – we hope to see everybody who already attended this year there again along with some new faces.

If you are interested to recap what happened during the three days or simply were not able to join and want to know what happened, we created the following page Homecoming 2018 where you can find pictures and the presentations held at the event.

Also, to savour the atmosphere, and to hear the new board introducing themselves, check out the homecoming video at

Thank you & see you soon,
KLU Alumni Relations & KLU Alumni Association Board
Anne, Fabian, Franziska, Jannes, Pablo, Juan Pablo, Geoffrey & Faizel

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