Due to the preventive measures against covid-19, the KLUmni Homecoming on 7 November 2020 took place online with the amazing effect that for the first time in KLU history everyone around the world was able to participate without travelling to Hamburg. More than 130 alumni registered. The most popular event was President Strothotte's Executive Presentation with more than 70 participants.

Below please find the event's website including the agenda:
KLU Homecoming registration page

Times in CET
01:00 - 01:45 pm
Welcome by the president of the Alumni Association's board (Ruben Gomez)
Executive presentation by KLU President (Prof. Dr. Strothotte)

Choice out of two Q&As per time slot: Faculty Expert Q&As
01:45 - 02:15 pm

Prof. Rod Franklin, PhD: Decision making in uncertain times (Please klick on the link to watch the video or here to download Decision making in uncertain times.)
Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke: Remote leadership

03:00 - 03:30 pm

Prof. Dr. Maria Besiou: Epidemics and developing countries
Prof. Alan McKinnon, PhD: Logistics and Supply Chain Management in a post-Covid World

04:30 - 05:30 pm
Networking, Gratitude & Toast Video

Our all time favorite homecoming activity – NETWORKING - brought to you online as well!
Surprise, surprise – proud to honor the gratitude project recipients! Maybe you are one of them?!
Toast to the KLUmni Community! Witness the first KLUmni toast video. Don’t forget to send your thank you and your toast!

06:00 - 07:30 pm
General Assembly

Election of new board members – KLU Alumni Association e.V.
Please find here the General Assembly 2020.

08:00 pm or later
Decentralized Get-togethers

Meet in person or online in small groups around the world! Please find your favorite group on the map, and contact your local organizer via LinkedIn.

Due to rising Corvid-19 numbers, we were truly sad having to announce that all on-site local get-togethers had to be cancelled.

President's Executive Presentation

78 alumni attended the president's executive presentation. If you missed the session, please feel free to watch it here via YouTube.

Presidents' Welcome and Executive Presentation by Ruben Gomez & KLU's president Thomas Strothotte

Toast Video 2020

In keeping a lively celebratory spirit, we would like to request a "toast” video message to celebrate our KLU reunion virtually!

We would like to hear from graduates and alumni from all classes. Professors and KLU staff members are encouraged to send a toast video too! If you would like to submit a photo or a short video for a special reunion screening, please find below some guidelines and tips for recording your video.

Please click here to watch the TOAST VIDEO via YouTube.
Thank you, Holly Hillen & Aida Sadvakassova

Networking Activity

Also online, we wanted to integrate our all time favourite, a networking activity. Thanks Luis Godoi for setting this up for us!

Everyone's fond memories from their time at KLU

Gratitude Project 2020

Do you know the relation between Happiness and Gratitude?

Being thankful enables happiness, motivates others to be supportive and therefore creates again gratitude and even more happiness.
For that reason we would like to start a new tradition called "KLU Gratitude" enabling a network of gratitude between people with a KLU background.

The idea of KLU Gratitude:
We give you a platform at the homecoming event to say "thank you" to someone within the KLU network. The reason for beeing thankful can be everything as long as it made you somehow happy (e.g. a great post on LinkedIn leading to a new idea, someone helped you with a new job or gave you a good advice, etc.)


Welcome to the new KLU Alumni Association Board 2020

During this year's KLU Alumni Association's Assembly a new board was elected. A big THANK-YOU once more to all former board members consisting of
*Ruben Gomez *Daniela Salas *Yana Asenova *Nicolas La Rotta Forero
*Yigit Yürüker *Sven Müller *Amanda del Valle

The new board sees two seasoned board members continuing
*Sven Müller (MBA 2014) and Yigit Yürüker (MBA 2017) as Assessors
Let's welcome the new board members:
*Bryan Perez (MSc MGT 2020) as President
*Yana Utkina (MSc SCM 2020) as Vice President
*Philipp Rathgeber (eMBA 2015) as Treasurer

Please find the General Assembly 2020 here.


Please participate in our KLUmni virtual homecoming 2020 evaulation:
KLUmni Homecoming 2020 Evaluation