Are you prepared for the upcoming job hunt? Do you remember how to write an award-winning CV and a more than convincing cover letter? Is your online presence up to scratch for today's job market?

If your answer is "yeaaah kinda but not really...", we invite you to join us at the BSc Refresher Lunch!

We will conduct the workshop according to your needs - thus, send us your most burning questions you would like to discuss and what topics would you like to be covered to until February 3rd!

We will be in the cafeteria area on the first floor, waiting for your questions!


6 February 2017, 1:30 pm


ab 07.02., 1.30pm
Refresher Lunch 1
ab 08.02., 1.30pm
Refresher Lunch 2
ab 10.02., 1.30pm
Refresher Lunch 3