30 April 2020, 10:00 am

Q&A session this Thursday, April 30th, 10 a.m.! Join us once more and discuss different aspects of the coronacrisis directly with KLU professors.

Our topics:
► Marketing in a crisis: Investing or cost cutting" w/ Prof. Sönke Albers

► "Preparing for Covid-19: Exit and rampup" w/ Prof. Jan Fransoo

► "Operational excellence in times of a crisis: How processmining can help to improve your business processes" w/ Prof. Henrik Leopold

► "Impact of Covid-19 on logistics systems and global supplychains: An update" w/ Prof. Alan McKinnon

► "Remote leadership: How can managers effectively counter the psychological effects of self-isolation and optimise virtual work?" w/ Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke

More information & how to join via zoom:

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