20 August 2020

the OSCAR&PAUL (Beiersdorf) Battleweeks. It is a 4-week virtual business hackathon where participants work on real business topics, innovating and pitching the next generation of skin care solutions. The event is accompanied by intensive expert coaching and inspirational and fun side events. Naturally it’s not a full time event – participants are working independently in their teams and only convene for the kick-off and two pitching rounds.

We would be very happy if some of your students and alumni would join the event and you could help to promote it among them!

• When? Kick-off Sep 04, 2020 – Final pitches Oct 05, 2020
• Where? Online (MS Teams)
• What? Up to 100 participants competing in diverse teams to develop next generation skin care business concepts with a chance to win a trip to Seoul (when it’s safe) as first prize.
• Who? A combination of students, professionals and freelancers with diverse backgrounds ready to innovate skin care.
• How? Application via by August 30, 2020.