27 September 2017, 4:30 pm
Kuehne Logistics University
Großer Grasbrook 17, Small Golden Egg / EG , 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Compared to start ups in large enterprises a heterogeneous IT landscape and a whole bunch of organizational rules is already in place. By that these enterprises face many obstacles when trying to tap the potentials of digitalization. The speed up of new business ideas and IT delivery becomes chewy and sluggish. On the other hand large enterprises possess assets that are of great value in the information era e.g. a broad customer base, an established infrastructure or a strong network of partners. By that these enterprises don’t have to build their business from scratch like start ups have to. This talk shows how Enterprise Architecture Management was tailored to bridging enterprise reality and start up approaches to meet digitalization demands.

Speaker: Dr. Florian Werner, Managing Consultant, Senacor Technologies AG

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