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KLUmni Virtual Homecoming 2020


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10:00 am

FUTURE LAB MOBILITY FORUM II: "Times of Change on the last Mile" (in German)

Panel discussion

Hamburger Karrieretag in der Barclaycard Arena


TechTalents two-month trainee – Learn to be an Entrepreneur - Deadline Sept 6, 2020  

Nico Grand Dominik Kehrmann Nainika Sudheendra Michele Hinze Anne Rehmet Claudio Herrera Cesar Maldonado Suyash Shrivastava Anna-Lena Schusta Vasily Kalikin Jesus Anaya Kristence Voll

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We are proud that our community is a network of friends. We are either currently studying or working at KLU, or completed one of it's full time degree or short-time further education programs. We are readily supporting each other within this family-like network. Welcome to all, who want to join us!

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